Expert Engine: Thought Leadership

Are you an expert?

Most of our clients come to us for our longstanding, effective Thought Leadership programs. While we have worked for an impressive line-up of big brand companies in promoting their impressive roster of experts, we design and develop Thought Leadership media initiatives for any size company or authoritative individual.

We call our special brand of Thought Leadership program the Expert Engine. Media in niche markets, as well as those with broad coverage, know that they can call on us for particular experts for print or broadcast interviews. Become part of our engine and you’ll be ready for real coverage.

The way we build media relationships for our clients is the beauty of the program – and a cornerstone of our success. We can provide more information in a personal appointment.

If your company is a key player in a particular field – or if you are an authority on a topic and would like more of your key audience to know just how informed you are– it’s time to tackle a Thought Leadership program by LandePR that will help establish you for years to come- and will create customers.