“…set new records…” From Michael Shor

It is indeed a pleasure to be able to write you once again and tell you how well you did on this one. We set new records for attendance at the show, and it’s all because of your superb work on our publicity. Thanks for catching all my errors, going the extra mile, taking care of all those secret professional PR moves that I know nothing about, (especially the letter to the TV people), providing your sagacious wisdom when picking the media selects, keeping me in touch on everything happening 24/7, and generally providing smart, informed guidance on every aspect of our public relations program.
You did a great job. It’s such a pleasure to work with you. I know that the kind of firm that can provide your special, super level of service has to limit its client roster. We’re proud to be one of your clients; pleased to be one of the few to share your personalized, professional service.
– Michael Shor, Managing Director, Wolf Creek Enterprises (for The Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York)