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Virtual Growth, a pioneer in web-based ASP solutions, served as a virtual accountant to small-to-medium-sized businesses and was in the battle for mid-market accounting software.

LandePR, with broad experience and high-level contacts, played a big role in an extremely successful launch, generating coverage on deals, funding, and client satisfaction in Accounting Technology, Accounting Today (top 100 software products!), Practical Accountant, Financial Executive, Texas Technology CFO, Crain’s New York Business, Internet Week, Yahoo!, Venture publications, Red Herring, Silicon Alley Daily, California CPA, Fast Company, and more.

Today its founder, Stephen King, runs GrowthForce – an outsourced bookkeeping & accounting service bureau for small businesses –and an offshoot of Virtual Growth. This was one DOTCOM everyone loved, and King continues to be an innovator in outsourced accounting-related services.

When it comes to combining the art of promotion and publicity, with the professionalism that goes with profession of accounting, there’s no safer bet in an unsafe world when you use Lande Communications as your partner. Melissa Lande has been professionally involved in publicizing how tax and accounting have evolved through the years and her company has helped introduce generations of professionals to new accounting technologies – from the introduction of specialized industry software on CD-ROM to the next generation of Web 2.0 web-service capabilities.
We used Lande Communications to publicize Virtual Growth during the ‘dot-com’ period, and they delivered in the goods: Inc!, Fortune Small Business, Fast Company – the exact print coverage on our ‘wish list.’ They helped us interview our clients in best practices and publicize those practices – and are highly practiced at the art and science of utilizing your customers to help your business and get you publicity at the same time. It was a pleasure working with Melissa and her team.
– Stephen King, CEO, GrowthForce LLC