Praise from Clients

“…has successfully scheduled countless interviews…” From Howard Beckerman
For the past eleven years, Melissa Lande and Lande Communications have worked closely with me in my roles as author, songwriter, and audio producer of international publications and media programs.
Ms. Lande has successfully scheduled countless interviews and live appearances for me on radio stations across the country to promote my original musical language programs. And with her unique talent as a dynamic and entertaining writer, she is able to distill the salient messages that a client needs to communicate and creates press releases and ads that command attention.
– Howard Beckerman, President, Heartworks International
“…. big league coverage…”

Great Customer Service“When I ran the marketing operation for the most profitable division of a Fortune-500 company in New York City, I had Lande Communications crafting results-getting publicity campaigns. They deliver a great value. We got big league coverage exactly where we wanted on a very reasonable budget—without time-wasting, phony-baloney meetings, or a thousand re-dos on projects. We had our objectives; Melissa had great ideas. She and her capable staff executed, and got results worthy of a good brag. With no fuss, no muss, no false starts, no wasteful sidetracks, no constant supervision required.

-Don Blohowiak, Founder, Lead Well Institute; Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Great Customer Service