Who We Are

LandePR LLC, formerly known as Lande Communications, is an established Manhattan public relations firm, with more than 25 years of accomplishment and experience. Our clients have included the “best in class,” reflecting diverse, wide-ranging products, services and personnel that encompass some of the world’s most recognizable and impressive brands, including Thomson Reuters, Langenscheidt Publishing, Berlitz Publishing, Berkely Books, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, Matthew Bender & Co. and the NBA.

The Experience– and Flexibility– Advantage

LandePR has worked in industries specializing in law, financial accounting, travel, hospitality, technology, HR, education, publishing and photography. Also romance novels, entertainment (TV, sports marketing), children’s products and services, health care (including alcohol and substance addiction), and New Age topics.

It’s largely about having the savvy to develop and sustain relationships. We connect with–and are trusted by–reporters, Thought Leaders, producers, and event sponsors in a spectrum of industries. LandePR was launched believing it could “fit” with an array of industries, and we have demonstrated just that.

Media Muscle

We excel in media relations and placements, and our clients’ “Thought Leaders” have been referenced and quoted hundreds of times in the likes of the New York Times, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, USA Today, Fast Company, Washington Post, and many more print and online outlets, as well as TV and Radio.

We also work extensively in the B2B space, achieving broad coverage that includes guest articles, interviews, profiles, trend stories, and studies. We never lose sight of our clients’ sales goals, and work sensitively with their customers to help generate high-demand material for the trade press.

 Top Drawer Clients Use Top Drawer PR

Yes, we attract marquee companies (noted above) in their respective fields, but we’re also in sync with small, new and medium sized firms that are seeking to build brand awareness.

 The Bottom Line

Our clients are loyal because we know how to cut to the chase. We work focused and we work smart. It’s not about talking a good game, but playing it; getting a lot of bang for the buck, for clients of any size. That’s what LandePR believes; that’s what explains its long record of success and exemplary client testimonials.